Travelling by car

Travelling by car

There is a generalised stigma about car travel due to high greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, in this sphere too, alternatives do exist to reduce the car’s impact, by giving preference to hybrid or electric vehicles and/or favouring the reasoned use of this mode of transport.

Car sharing
We are seeing increasing numbers of self-service car schemes. The aim of such schemes is to rationalise car use, reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and thereby limiting pollution.

A network of dealers, in a dozen French cities, offer a subscription service to residents. Among them, Lyon, Rennes, Toulouse, Grenoble and Marseilles have launched such a scheme. A version of car sharing will soon be available in Paris too. Some car rental firms, like Hertz or Europcar, have also developed a rental service based on the same principle.
Paris taxis go green

Various taxi firms, such as Taxis Bleus and Taxis G7, are committed to sustainable development, investing in fleets of hybrid vehicles and encouraging their drivers to be trained in eco-driving. Verture even has a fleet made up exclusively of hybrid vehicles.

The electric pedal rickshaw

Two companies have cleverly brought in an original, environmentally friendly version of the pedal rickshaw, for the price of a bus fare (1 euro per kilometre). The network covers Paris and a number of provincial cities (Nantes, Lyon, Grenoble and Nice, with plenty more to come!). With the aid of a small electric motor, these leaders in the field of environmentally friendly transport can carry two passengers.