Les Pierres de Corse [The Stones of Corsica] - 36, Rue Fesch,
Stones and shells.
This shop is specializes in the carving of stones and shells. They make original souvenirs which can be used as precious jewels. Each stone tells a story such as the eye of Saint Lucy which protects its wearer from the Evil Eye and fosters good luck.

La Maison du Corail [The Corral Centre] - 1, Rue Fesch,
Luxury corral
Here you will find Ajaccio’s widest range of corral: necklaces, jewellery and bracelets. Each object is presented in a felt-lined case making it unique. The corral is certified as having been gathered in the Mediterranean Sea: the reefs are situated near the Corsican coast line.

Coutellerie d’Art Ceccaldi [Ceccaldi Handcrafted Cutlery] -
Les Echoppes 20166 Porticcio (Rive Sud)
For those who like cutlery, Ceccaldi knives are pure works of art. The handles are made of precious wood and the blades have different shapes and contours. These creations are made by a craftsman whose shop can be visited in Porticcio (the South Bank of the Gulf of Ajaccio). There is a second knife shop in Sartène. 



Lutherie [a stringed instrument shop] -
Citadelle [the Citadel]
Christian Magdeleine opened his workshop in 1991 in the heart of la citadelle [the Citadel]. He made his first instruments there, combining intuition and reflection, in order to create the tone that he was looking for. His is very attached to classical guitars, and has made nylon strings his chosen field of expertise. He has developed different kinds of classical, electric acoustic or jazz guitars.

L'Ochju [Corsican jewellery] - 4, avenue Maréchal Sebastiani
The eye of Saint Lucy, the lucky charm of Corsica, the Mediterranean and elsewhere. L'Ochju [Corsican jewellery] offers silver jewellery made from the operculum of a shell, which when polished becomes a superb and extraordinary jewel.