Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA)

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA)


Shopping itineraries in Avignon

Where to go shopping
Traditional shops in Marseille

Good deals in Marseille

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Fashion and decoration

Santons Fouque [Fouque's Ornamental Figures] - 65 Cours Gambetta, Aix en Provence -
Ornamental figures have been made in this workshop for four generations. Mireille Fouque has inherited this family expertise and welcomes the public in her typically Provençal-style house and workshop where she holds regular moulding, trimming and decorating demonstrations. The "Coup de Mistral" ornamental figure has pride of place among Fouque’s collection of 1,800 models. It has been exclusively created by the company since 1952 and is its mascot.

= Henri Ventajol Création [Henri Ventajol Design] - 10 Cours Marcel Bremond, Les Milles
Does your home lack personality? Then head for Henri Ventajol's workshop. This wrought iron craftsman’s creations are clearly steeped in authenticity and include indoor furniture (beds, sofas, tables, chairs, etc.) and outdoor furniture (balustrades, pergolas, etc.). Every item is unique and made to measure.

Les Marches du Palais [an antiques dealer] - Mireille Louvard
This antiques dealer specializes in Provençal furniture from the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries, such as wardrobes, dressing tables and bookshelves, which are mingled with objets d’art such as mirrors and earthenware

Bijoux Belle Etoile [Belle Etoile Jewellery] - 3, Rue Maréchal Joffre, Aix en Provence -
Laurent Robin is a designer from Aix who has chosen to make entirely home-crafted jewellery, thus ensuring the originality, modernity and quality of his creations. He offers beautiful bronze and solid silver jewellery at competitive prices.


Les Halles [The Covered Market], traditional market - Place Pie
Open throughout the year- every morning from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 am to 1 pm.
Thirty or so traders offer regional and seasonal products. The market boasts a green wall created by Patrick Blanc which covers its façade, a multi-storey car park and cooking demonstrations which are carried out by the region’s chefs on Saturday morning at 11 am.

La bouteillerie du Palais des Papes [The Wine Cellar of the Popes' Palace] - Free admission through the main entrance of le Palais des Papes [the Popes' Palace] or through the Place de l’Amirande -
Opening hours: every day from 10am to 7 pm, (the cellar closes at 5.30 pm from November to March).
It is a place to discover the art of living in Provence through Côtes du Rhône wines, of which the city is the capital, through tastings, oenological activities, company gifts, sales and shipment. There is a selection of 50 AOC wines which are sold at the original cellar price.
Château d’Hugues [Vineyards and wine producers] -  86 Rue Joseph Vernet -
The concept of Château d’Hugues presents wines from the estate in association with paintings and sculptures on the theme of vineyards. The fifteen vintages can be discovered during the tastings and by appointment during “wine and food matching” introductory sessions.
Les Délices du Luberon [a range of sweet and savoury products] -  20 Place du Change -
Condiments and spreads. Products from the “Délices du Luberon” range are made using traditional recipes which stem from established Provençal gastronomy and are perfect as an accompaniment.


iè Mélani Frères [The Mélani Brothers] - 154 Route Eyguières , Arles
This very unusual workshop specializes in the manufacture of 18th and 19th century Provençal-style furniture. Olivier Mélani is a passionate and talented cabinet maker who works with walnut, beech and even lime. Everything here is reminiscent of the Provence region from the woody aromas to the decorations which embellish the tables, chairs and wardrobes.

Christian Lacroix - 52, Rue de la République, Arles -
Through his haute couture collections, Christian Lacroix, who was born in Arles, has become the ambassador of Provence's sensual and richly-patterned fabrics. The dominant theme of his collections is the wonderful natural scenery of Camargue, Arles and Provence.

Librairie Actes Suds [a book and record shop] - Place Nina Berberova, Arles -
The Actes Sud Publishing House was established in Arles in 1983 and has a 300m² bookshop offering readers a permanent choice of around 40, 000 titles, coupled with an impressive classical, jazz and world music record department.

Les Indiennes de Nîmes [traditional herdsmen’s clothing] -
Located at the foot of les Arènes [the Roman Arena], this boutique offers traditional herdsmen’s clothing (trousers, black velvet jackets, boots, etc.), in addition to colourful Provençal fabrics …so that you can dress like a true Camargue local! The shop provides everything you need to create a genuine early 20th century Camargue-style farmhouse interior.


Atelier John Gormsen [John Gormsen’s Workshop] - 51 bis, Rue du Limas, Avignon -
John Gormsen, a contemporary Danish painter who settled in Provence in May 2007, has chosen to establish his art studio on the Pont Saint Bénezet neighbourhood, and has created the original concept of a gallery studio where visitors can discover his 6 different types of creations.

h;, Carlisse & Régamelle [Costume jewellery and accessories] - 59, Rue des Fourbisseurs, Avignon -
A boutique workshop which creates jewellery and accessories such as purses, shopping bags, pouches, key rings, etc. Wood, mother of pearl, glass, resin and a variety stones are used to make the jewellery. The boutique also has a whole range of jewellery and accessories for little girls.

Shopping itineraries in Avignon

A shopping excursion through the streets of Avignon… to the fashion boutiques of the central business district. As you wander through the streets from the bottom of the Place de l’horloge, passing through the Rue St Agricol, in the Rue Grande and Petite Fusterie and the Rue Joseph Vernet, you will discover fine 18th century houses, major fashion brands, decorators, designers and antique dealers.

The pedestrian zone: On a variety of well-stocked small shops are situated here: “Le Petit bonhomme de bois” (toys), “L’Eau Vive” (children’s books), “Liquid” (wine and drink-themed objects), “l’Occitane (beauty products), “la Cure Gourmande (regional products), “Carlisse et Regamelle” (costume jewellery craftsman designer), the decoration shops of the Place St Didier and the Rue des Fourbisseurs. The following are not to be missed: la chapellerie Mouret [the Mouret Hat Shop], located at 20 Rue des Marchands, which has specialized in hats since 1860 and of which the front is a listed building.

Le quartier de la place Pie et des Carmes [The Place Pie and Carnes District]: Apart from its flea market in the Carmes district on Sunday mornings and the little flower market on Saturdays, its many boutiques and arts and crafts shops, this Italian district of Avignon is also renowned for its covered market open in the morning from Tuesday to Sunday, which group together thirty or so traders.

The major retail chains of the Rue de la République: this is the city’s main street which accommodates major retail chains such as Monoprix, la Fnac, Zara, Etam, Sephora, etc, in 19th century Haussmannian -style buildings.



Where to go shopping
Places to shop offering different specialities

A stroll through the city
An invitation to discover an exclusive selection of addresses provided by the Marseille City Centre Trade Federation.

Les commerces de la Butte
Cours Julien & Notre Dame du Mont : "Le quartier des créateurs"
C'est un lieu d'artistes, un quartier où il fait bon flâner tout en faisant son shopping.

The traditional shop tour
Follow the traditional shop tour to discover Marseille’s hidden treasures. In total, twelve or so shops which have preserved their know-how for more than a century will be visited in the city of Marseille.

Shopping & heritage
An original itinerary in the city centre which allows visitors to discover architecture & go shopping

Marseille: a fashionable city
Apart from its relaxed way of life, its exceptional natural and cultural heritage, Marseille is also a city of fashion and a breeding ground for designers

Department stores and shopping centres

Markets and second-hand goods dealers
In Marseille you will find a large number of permanent and mobile markets. To better soak up this traditional atmosphere which makes southern villages so appealing you must stroll around between the stalls.

Traditional products
From traditional objects to regional products, a wide range of goods is on offer, to take away or eat in.

Marseille’s traditional shops

Le Panier / Vieux Marseille [Le Panier / Old Marseille]

A gourmet and traditional itinerary leaving from the Rue de la République.

ol Xocoalt (chocolate mouthfuls weighing 5g to so that you’ll hardly put on an ounce) – 28, Grand’rue
Place aux Huiles (soaps, flavoured oil oils, objects made olive wood, etc.) – Place Daviel
Le Comptoir du Panier (quilted throws, soaps, etc.) – 5 Rue de la Prison
La Compagnie de Provence (soaps with design packaging) – 1, Rue Caisserie
Les navettes des Accoules [traditional biscuits] - 68, Rue Caisserie

Espace Céladon (glasses, ceramics, mosaics) - 40, Rue saint Françoise
La Chocolatière du Panier - Rue du Petit puits
Etoile Errante (a ceramics workshop) - 20, Place des pistoles
L’Atelier d’Agnès (ceramics, sculptures) - 14-16 Place des Pistoles
Le Transfo (ceramics, mosaics) - 3, Rue du Petit puits
Santons Arterra - Rue du petit puits
72% pétanque (olive oil, soaps, objects made from olive wood) - 10, Rue du Petit Puits
Au cochon dingue (funny, colourful terracotta pigs) - 6, Place de Lorette
Le clan des cigales (gift items, card shop) - 8, Rue du Petit-Puits
D+Design (vintage design boutique) - 52, Rue de lorette

Vieux Port [Old Port]

hju Au savon de Marseille(traditional soaps) - 106, Quai du Port
La Maison du Pastis - 108, quai du Port
65 pastis et absinthes
Le Marseillais - 12, Rue glandevès
clothing and small decorative items
Le Four des Navettes [traditional cake specialities] - 136, Rue Sainte
La boutique du chocolat [chocolate shop] – Centre design Marseille - 6, avenue de la Corse
Santons Marcel Carbonel + Musée boutique [Marcel Carbonel's  Ornamental Figures + Museum shop] - 47, Rue neuve saint Catherine
Marseille en Vacances (Original and attractive T-shirts) - 7, Rue de Bailli de Suffren or Rue du Panier-
La Cure Gourmande (traditional Provençal sweets, chocolates and biscuits) -19 La Canebière -
Marseille en France (regional products) - 90, Quai du port

The City Centre

La boutique de l’OM [the shop of Marseille‘s football team selling themed items] - 44, la Canebière
Les Arcenaulx (decorative items / bookshop / team room / restaurant) - 5, Cours Estienne d’Orves
Le Marégraphe (Marseille-themed by-products) - 185, Rue Paradis
Debout (coffee merchant) - 46, Rue Francis Davso
Torréfaction Noailles (tea and coffee merchant) - 56, la Canebière
Dromel Ainé (chocolates, “navettes” (traditional boat-shaped biscuits flavoured with orange blossom) , “marseillottes” (chocolate-coated orange, honey or aniseed-flavoured nougat), etc.) - 6, Rue de rome
Les Comptoirs de Provence (beauty and bath products, household air fresheners, groceries) - 40, Rue Francis Davso
Boulangerie Michel - 33, Rue Vacon
Les Marseillotes - sweets made from cocoa, almonds and aniseed, sold in the following places: the Tourist Office, Galeries Lafayette, the Maison du Pastis, Torréfaction Noailles [Noailles Coffee Merchant], etc.
Marseille in the box - 2 Rue du docteur Aviérinos -
At last, there is shop that is completely devoted to Marseille. The shop’s concept is to offer all the city’s traditional products in gift boxes. The locals of Marseille or tourists will be able to discover or rediscover all of the city's hidden treasures, from rare or unique to everyday products which are always of quality. The shop is open from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 7 pm from Tuesday to Saturday.
Le perroquet Bleu (a restaurant and delicatessen in the centre of Marseille)- 72 Boulevard des Dames
L’escale marine [a gift shop] - Quai du port

Beside the Calanques

m Atelier de faïence Figuères [Figuères Earthenware Workshop] (traditional earthenware reproductions but also trompe l’œil objects) – 12, Avenue Lauzier
Les boutiques des créateurs [The designers’ boutiques]: a stone’s throw from the Canebière, the Rue de la Tour which has been renamed la rue de la Mode (Fashion Street) is completely devoted to Marseille’s designers, of whom some have set up workshop boutiques there.
La sardine à paillettes (accessories and fashion novelties):
Diable Noir (evening dresses): 5, Rue de la Tour Marseille
Marianne Cat (clothing, decorative objects, jewellery, gallery) - 53, Rue Grignan
Sessun  boutique [clothing, shoes] - 6, Rue Sainte
Sugar (clothing) - 15, Rue Sainte
Pain de Sucre (swimsuits)  - 17, Rue Montgrand
Pomponette (bags, underskirts, aprons, etc.) - 72, Rue Breteuil
Sacs Mary Créations [bags]- 1, Rue du Fort-du-sanctuaire
Tcheka – Nicolas Douyer (represents ten or so designers from Marseille) - 5, Place de la Corderie
Fabrique de boules de pétanque La Boule bleue [a manufacturer of petanque balls] - Traverse de la Buzine

Good deals in Marseille

Second-hand goods and clothes shops
bf Diogène friperie - 10, Rue Rodolph Pollack
Sara Vintage- 14/16, Rue François Barbini
Le shop’in - 55, Rue Sainte
Timomo - 17, Rue Bussy l'indien
Dharma - 186, Rue du Paradis
La Marotte - 207, Rue Paradis
Ma Boutique - 87, Rue de Lodi
NELL DEPOT VENTE- 45 Rue Consolat
Le Troc des p'tits Bouts - 227 Route des 3 Lucs
L'atelier chic- 8, Rue Sainte
Bis Repetita – 4 Rue Bel Air
Drôle 2 Vies – 3 Boulevard des Alpes
L'Armoire d' Enzo - 11 Rue du Docteur Combalat
La Marotte  - 20 Rue Paradis
Nouchka – 43 Rue Paul Codaccioni
Troc Place Delibes – 300 Rue du Paradis
Space - 2 Rue de la Grande Armée
L'Entrepot des Textiles – 339 Boulevard National
Eco Tex - 137 Rue de Rome

Factory outlet and clearance shops

Aviatic - 28, Cours Julien
A sportswear factory outlet shop
Excédence - 172 rue de Rome
A factory outlet shop belonging to 3 Suisses, Excédence offers discounts of 70% off unsold catalogue stock, boasting men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and household electrical appliances
United Factory Store Marseille - Grand V Shopping Centre in la Valentine
This 700m² factory outlet shop offers sportswear and principally distributes the 3 following brands: Jezequel, Old River, Look & Like. United Factory Store offers a collection which is essentially for men.
Opening hours: from Monday and Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm.
Premiers Pas - 5 place de la corderie
The second-hand clothes shop in Marseille, known to all mums for its selection of clothing and low prices, has also launched a vintage collection. Anouck Vigier offers clothing from the 1940s to the 1970s for 0 to 10 year olds that has never been worn! Authentic vintage garments that are brand new.
Mistigriff - 330, Avenue Prado
Mistigriff is a leading clearance shop which offers major brands of streetwear such as Diesel, Levis, Kookaï, Nike and Adidas at ultra cut prices, as well as accessories and even perfumes.
Stock 27 - 7 rue Jean Dussert
Stock 27 is a clearance shop offering major brands such as Diesel, Gsus, Guess, Custo, Sinequanone, Giani Forté, etc. at moderate prices (20 to 50% cheaper than in traditional shops). Private sales are organised for the most loyal customers.
Poivre Blanc - 29 avenue de Saint-Menet
This factory outlet shop boasts half-price Poivre Blanc ski-suits, down jackets, salopettes, etc. for women and children, and discontinued items from the previous season.
Madame Zaza of Marseille - 104, corniche Kennedy
Madame Zaza of Marseille presents its collections of dresses, big jumpers and long overcoats in this discount shop with prices that are reduced by 40 to 50%. It also organises one clearance sale per season.
Aurélie K - 18, bd Auguste-Ganay
Aurélie K is the boutique where you can pick up a bargain! It boasts the Esprit, Terre et Mer, la Fée Maraboutée, Bande Originale, Cristina Gavioli, I.Code by IKKS clothing brands and unlabelled designer articles at very moderate prices.
Degriff Stock - 70, Avenue des Peintres Roux
A huge clearance shop which offers clothing brands such as DDP, Sinequanone, Marlboro, Eden Park, Calvin Klein, etc. for all the family.